Planning time: 8 months | 

Service: Full planning + design |

Design Words: Chic, modern, glam |

Color palette:

A +A | Ventanas | Atlanta, GA

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Ventanas Wedding Atlanta
Ventanas Wedding Atlanta
Ventanas Wedding Atlanta
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I always tell my clients "don't be afraid to try something new" as it pertains to their wedding day and design. I not only dish out this advice but I practice this as well. During the start of 2015, I decided to try something new and partake in my very first bridal show as an exhibitor. I'm so glad I did because that's where I met Ardena ("D") and Andréa.


Ardena was visiting Atlanta from Chicago and, after a brief yet pleasant encounter with the couple, we set up a time for Andréa and I to meet the next day at my studio. Honestly, I was so exhausted from the day before but I must say that Andréa's excitment for her wedding day gave me a lot more energy. During the meeting, I learned a lot more about them as people and their wedding vision.


During the meeting, Andréa also mentioned that they were interested in Ventanas as their venue and were also considering an all white wedding and I almost fell out of my chair! I had vocalized only a few months earlier that I would love to plan and design an all white wedding and there was my opportunity with a great venue and the most awesome couple this side of the Mississippi! In a matter of a couple of weeks, we started planning and designing their special day.

The Design Process

When I began their wedding design process, I started with their ceremony which I think is the most important part of a wedding day. In my opinion, there should be just as much details and attention spent on the wedding ceremony as there are on other aspects of the wedding.


For the ceremony, I wanted to focus on the gorgeous downtown views of Atlanta but still provide a little glam and some out of the box elements. So, for tthe ceremony, I incorporated a custom all white platform since I always love elevating my couples since they are the star of the show. Andréa really wanted to have a floral petal design down the aisle so I sketched this design. On the wedding day, we tied off the aisle so guests couldn't step on the petals.  


We also chose to incorporate a rounded half moon seating arrangement with acrylic chiavari chairs for a modern touch.

Wedding reception sketch Ventanas Wedding Atlanta
All white wedding ceremony with floral aisle design Ventanas Wedding Atlanta Fotos by ola

Another area I love to pay close attention to is the sweetheart table for the reception since that is a key focal point during the night. For Ardena and Andréa, I encorporated romantic sheer draping, a modern acrylic sweetheart table, a gorgeous love seat, the stage from the cermony and a touch of candles on the base of the platform. 

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Wedding Sweetheart table sketch Ventanas Wedding Atlanta
All white wedding sweetheat table design Ventanas Wedding Atlanta