Hi! It's Bisola and i'm sad...:'-(

Because you haven't confirmed your email address yet by clicking the link in the email I just sent you.


That means I can't provide you with the information you requested just yet.


I don't want to be sad anymore. So please do the following:


1. Go to your inbox and check for a message from Bisola Esiemokhai (Event Design by BE) with the subject "Please Confirm Subscription" 


2. Open the email and click the mint colored confirmation box.


3. Once you confirm your email, you'll gain instant access to the info you requested!

And then we can both be happy. YAY!!!


Your wedding planner/cheerleader/design ninja,


- Bisola Esiemokhai (BE)


P.S. If you do not receive the e-mail in about 10 minutes, check your spam folder. Sometimes spam robots make mistakes and put my e-mails in there. Silly robots!

"Why??", you ask