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“So, Have You Picked a Date Yet?” a Tool to Help You Choose Your Wedding Date – Blog Post + [Infogra

After getting engaged, one of the most frequent questions you will hear is “so, when is the big day?” You may have only been engaged for a New York minute but people will assume you will start planning right away or that you two have previously picked or agreed on a date.

The reality is that picking your wedding date is a big decision. It will dictate many aspects of your wedding design such as your choice of flowers, venue and wedding attire. Your date will also dictate logistics related to weather and transportation so it’s important to choose a date that is both symbolic and appropriate.

So, before you put together a witty response for the next person who asks you about your date, we put together an infographic that will take you through a logical exercise to help you pick your wedding date.

Was this helpful to you? If so, let me know.

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