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He Loves Me…He Loves Me Knot – Options For Your Wedding Flowers After The Wedding Day | Atlanta Wed

I love flowers. In fact, orchids are my absolute favorite type of flower.

As a Wedding Designer, I know flowers are an initial design element that can be highlighted in so many different aspects of a wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Flowers can also help translate your wedding theme and specific emotions you want showcased on that day.

When creating the décor for the wedding day, many of my clients are more focused on the look, cost and color palette of their flowers, which makes sense, but have you ever thought about what happens to all of your flowers after the wedding? For me, after spending thousands on flowers, throwing them away is not an option so I provide my clients with the following possibilities.

1. Giving Centerpieces and Floral Decor Away to Guests and Family Members

Your guests will feel special if you allow them to take home your floral décor. You can do this in a number of ways such as having a short game during the reception where winners are allowed to pick their winning arrangements or taping a card underneath one chair at each reception table that indicates the winner.

Note: If you’re renting vases from your florist or rental company, make sure guests know that they can only take the flowers. Otherwise, you will be held liable if guests assume they can take the vase as well.

2. Donating Centerpieces and Floral Decor to a Local Hospital

If giving your floral décor to your guests is not your preference, donating them to a hospital is a great alternative. As you know, hospitals are filled with people who would love and benefit from beautiful bouquets and arrangements. Staff members at the hospital will likely have containers or vases for the flowers if you cannot provide the original vase the flowers were in.

Note: Be sure to locate a local hospital before the wedding day. Tell them what you would like to do and schedule a delivery date and time.

3. Donating Centerpieces and Floral Decor to a Local Nursing home

Nursing homes are also a great place to donate your flowers. Staff members will probably place your flowers in common areas for all residents to enjoy.

If both hospitals and nursing homes are of interest to you, consider splitting your flowers up and providing half to a hospital and half to a nursing home.

Note: Be sure to locate a local nursing home before the wedding day. Tell them what you would like to do and schedule a delivery date and time.

4. Preserving Your Bridal Bouquet

Flower Preservation is a multi step process of freeze drying flowers so they can last much longer. There are so many options and display settings for preserved flowers form placing petals in rosary beads to placing your bouquet in a shadow box. If preservation is something you are interested in, make the decision early. There is paperwork and procedures to follow to ensure a seamless process. Flowers usually have to be shipped within 24 hours (or sooner) after the reception to the company you select in order to start the process before the flowers begin to wilt.

Here are a few options within the Atlanta area:

Floral Forever BouquetPreservation

Suspendedin Time Floral Preservation

The Petal Factory

Note: The florist you select may not always have the option of preserving your bouquet but can probably provide you with additional referrals and details.

After reviewing your options and selecting the best possible option(s) for you, make sure you tell for wedding planner so she can make the appropriate arrangements. The worst thing would be for you and/ or your groom doing all of this yourself.

What options are you considering? Let me know.

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