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Why I Hate the Term "Bridezilla" + How to Reduce Stress While Balancing Wedding Planning and Your Ca

You know the show Bridezilla on WE tv? The one that showcases irate, demanding and mostly ill prepared brides during the last few weeks of their wedding? That show caused the term “bridezilla” to go viral. Now people use this term freely and frequently even if it is not called for. I mean can a bride get some cream in her morning coffee without being called a Bridezilla? It literally makes me want to scream when I hear it used out of context.

But have you noticed that most of the people who use the term to describe a bride have never been married? I strongly believe that no one will ever understand the roller coaster ride of planning a wedding until it is their big day.

Most brides to be or wives will agree that taking on wedding planning while juggling a fast paced career is like taking on another part-time job or an additional project at work. I can relate because I planned my wedding while in a fast paced career working 12 hour days and traveling every week. I was able to stay away from the crazy depictions you see on Bridezilla mainly because I adopted some of the strategies I provide to my clients before we start planning.

Here are some pointers so you can be a bride instead of a “bridezilla”.

Mentally Prepare Yourself for the Wedding Planning Process

Just like in life, people will drop the ball and disappoint you as you go through the planning process. It’s better to be mentally prepared for this and develop a proactive approach instead of a reactive one.

Here are some things to prepare for:

  • Your fiancé will probably not be as interested in wedding planning as you are;

  • 50% of the people who say “let me know if you need help with anything” are just saying it to be nice;

  • Everyone will have an opinion on everything you choose for your wedding. Learn to "fake listen" to them;

  • You might not cry when you find your wedding dress and that's OK. Why ruin your makeup?

  • It will irritate you but all guests will not send back their RSVP cards even though you provided them with an envelope and stamp; and

  • People will show up to the wedding who did not RS

Plan Ahead

Similar to the advantages of preparing a project plan and action plan before starting a project at work, doing the same for wedding planning will definitely help you in the long run. Knowing what needs to be done, anticipating deadlines and preparing for things to come is the best approach. There are a many 12 month wedding planning checklist out there. I also have a pin board designated to wedding planning tools that would be very helpful.

Delegate Tasks But Not Responsibility

Planning a wedding requires a lot of decisions, details and logistical planning. Because of this, it can be very overwhelming so it’s important to delegate tasks strategically. Focus on identifying 1 to 2 family members or close friends who you trust to help you with your tasks but remember the responsibility of completing each task is yours. It’s your wedding, not theirs, so things may slip through the cracks.

Don’t Let Wedding Planning Consume Your Entire Life

Most brides to be who start planning their wedding let’s it consume them. Every minute of every day is spent thinking about, talking about or doing something towards their wedding. Does this sound like you?

Don’t do it! Designate 2 – 3 days out of the week and about 3 – 5 hours for those days that you will devote to planning. Doing this will allow you to maintain your life before planning and most importantly enjoy your engagement and have a life!

What this helpful to you at all? If so, be sure to let me know! I really like hearing from you.

Until next Thursday!


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