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5 Creative Ways to Pleasantly Surprise Your Groom During the Wedding Ceremony! | Atlanta Wedding Pla

When I am helping my couples create their wedding day I always think to myself “what creative elements can I suggest and design that will make this day a complete reflection of them and their relationship?” I also think “how can I make their ceremony feel more intimate even though there may be 50 plus guests gazing at them?”

We all know that a wedding ceremony is relatively brief when compared to the remainder of the wedding day but it’s the most important aspect of the day and it sets the stage for the remainder of the night. Given this, why not incorporate some surprises for your guests and most importantly your groom!

Here are 5 creative ways to pleasantly surprise your groom, and guests, during the wedding ceremony:

1. Write Him a Surprise Note He Can Read Right Before You Walk Down the Aisle

Photo credit: Fotos by Fola

Pick up some pretty stationary before the wedding day and write your husband-to-be a short note expressing your love and how eager you are to see him in just a few seconds! Have your flower girl hand him the note after she has walked down the aisle. Your wedding planner should wait until he has finished reading the note before she signals you to begin your processional down the aisle.

Your groom will definitely not be expecting this and I’m sure it will bring on a big smile.

Planning Tips:

  • Make sure you include some wording on the outside of the envelope that signals your groom to open it and read it. Otherwise, he may think the note may be your vows or something not specifically for him.

  • Not having a flower girl? Provide the note to whoever walks down the aisle right before you do. If you’re not having a bridal party at all, provide the note to your minister.

2. Create a Surprise or Grand Reveal/Entrance into the Ceremony Space

It’s your time to shine! Why not think of a creative way to enter the ceremony space? It can be as simple as through a different entrance that is not being used by anyone else or as exciting as coming in on a small helicopter. You can make it as unique and dramatic as you want.

Planning Tips:

  • Your options for a grand entrance is largely dictated by your ceremony location so make sure you discuss all of your possible options with your planner and/or your venue.

3. Hire a Soloist or Live Musician to Perform Your Favorite Love Song When You Walk Down the Aisle

There is nothing better than live music during a wedding ceremony! It beats a DJ playing an instrumental any day of the week and whenever I suggest it to my clients, they always take me up on my offer.

Hire a soloist or live musician, such as a harpist or violinist, to play a different song when your bridal party walks down the aisle and have them rest for about 15 seconds and then begin playing you and your fiancé's favorite love song when you walk down the aisle.

4. Choose a Wedding Dress in a Color Other Than White

There are so many beautiful dresses out there in an array of colors. The most beautiful colored dresses I have seen have been in lavender, blush tones and gold.

Now, my family would have probably had a heart attach if I selected a colored gown but let me tell you a little secret….I absolutely loved my wedding dress but if I were to go dress shopping again, I would have looked into choosing a colored gown. Even if this is something you haven’t considering yet, I would suggest trying on a colored gown just to see how it looks on you.

5. Get a Special Design Placed on your Ring Finger

Another subtle surprise for your groom could be a design on your left ring finger. The design could say something like “I love you”, “forever” or even just both your first initials together with a “+” sign.

When the minister gets to the exchanging of rings, he should notice it then. I like this idea because it’s a subtle secret between the two of you.

Planning Tips:

  • Select a nail salon and nail tech that is skilled in design. If the nail salon you frequent doesn’t specialize in designs, ask around for a referral.

I hope this was helpful! If so, let me know! Until next Thursday!


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