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What Beyoncé’s Secret Album Release Should Have Taught You About Planning Your Wedding | Atlanta Wed

Now, I’m not much of a Beyoncé “fan” per se. I recognize her incredible talent but I am not really the type of individual who has a favorite artist, actor, celebrity etc. Although, I wouldn’t mind chatting with her and picking her brain. She is definitely an innovator, which she proved on December 19th when she released her latest album (by surprise) with absolutely no promotion whatsoever prior to the release. Say WHAT? Yeah, I would say that is pretty genius!

Unless you have been totally disconnected from the world for the past two weeks, especially social media, I’m sure you have heard all of the shock and awe over this album release as well. Itunes confirmed that she now holds the title of the “fastest selling album ever on iTunes” with over 800K albums sold in just 3 days.

Like I said earlier, I’m not a fan but I love gathering insights from other innovators or entrepreneur’s successes and big wins. And as I stated on my Facebook page, Beyoncé definitely taught me many subliminal lessons that I have already started using in my wedding planning and design business and will continue to use throughout 2014 and beyond.

With that said and after thinking it through, she also has some lessons for soon-to-be brides as well. So let’s learn from Mrs. Carter shall we??

But before we get into the meat of this post, what’s your favorite song on her new album? Let me know below. I happen to like Drunk in Love, Flawless, and Mine the most. In fact, let me play the album while I’m writing this post. It’s only appropriate, right?

OK…There we go!

Here Are 5 Subliminal Lessons Beyoncé Taught Soon-to-be Brides About Planning Their Wedding Day:

  1. Why Fit in When You Were Born to Stand Out?

Can you think of anyone in the history of music that released a surprise album on the same scale as Beyoncé? I mean, I can’t recall anyone in my lifetime that has done that as successfully. Doing this probably took an enormous amount of courage and desire to do things differently as apposed to how album releases have been done and will continue to be done in the near future.

What can you learn from this?

Don’t be afraid to create your unique wedding day!

Weddings have a bunch of age old traditions that people tend to incorporate into their weddings because “that’s just how its always been done.” But do you really have to wear white or have a bridal party or have your fiancé participate in the garter toss?…NO. So, if it’s not something you particularly want to do, just omit it. And if there is something particular that speaks to you and your fiancés personalities that you would like to infuse in your wedding then go for it! It’s your day, live it out as you see fit.

  1. Hold Certain Cards Close to Your Chest

Beyoncé decided to keep her entire album and album release secret. Not only from fans but probably also from her close industry colleagues who would have probably deterred her from going along with this approach.

While you’re planning your wedding, and sharing certain aspects with family and friends, there will be people who will disagree with some aspects of your wedding choices from venue location, to color choice, to your wedding gown. The problem is when you share things with people they tend to think that you are asking for their opinion even if you are really not. Don’t feel obligated to share your wedding details to everyone who asks. This is especially important if you are easily swayed by other people’s opinions. Trust your gut and know that you are making the right choices and decisions.

  1. If They Love You, They Will Support You No Matter What

It's clear that Beyoncé has a lot of super duper fans who love her! Given this, do you think that she was nervous that people would actually buy her album considering the album had no publicity whatsoever? Maybe a teeny tiny bit but for the most part I’m sure she knew that all of her true fans would support her and buy her record. And what was the result? She almost hit platinum in 72 hours!

Don’t stress out about who can or cannot make it to your big day. Some guests may have legitimate reasons why they cannot come (e.g. health reasons) but at the end of the day the people who really want to be there, will be there no matter what. Plus, the only 2 people who need to be there are you and your groom. Oh yeah, and the minister.

  1. Invest Your Money in What Really Matters to You

Instead of spending loads of money advertising before the album release, Beyoncé will probably use the money she saved on marketing/promotion and on her future tour. This is an aspect of her brand that best connects her with her teeming fans.

Now, what are the top five “must haves” for your wedding? Do they impact the overall experience for you and your guests? Maybe it’s great music and entertainment to get the party going, awesome food, a great photographer to capture the day, a great planner to coordinate all of the logistics and details for you. Whatever it is, make sure that you invest in things that will make a substantial difference on the overall experience you and your guests will have on your wedding day.

  1. Allow Others to Help You

Again, with absolutely no real substantial amount of money spent advertising her album (all I saw was a 15 second Instagram video) she was able to sell over 800K copies in 3 days. She has built an unmistakable brand and a large amount of super fans who basically did all of the advertising for her. She barely had to lift a finger to get the word out. Once people heard about it, all social media outlets were bombarded with the news of her surprise album release. I knew about it as soon as I woke up on Friday and logged onto my social media accounts.

Many times, I see brides wanting to execute every single wedding related task themselves. Isn’t that just exhausting? You already have so many responsibilities, why add on the role of a planner?

Why not allow those super fans in your life help you out when you need it? Or even a rock star planner who can take the stress off your shoulders. Delegate tasks to the appropriate people based on their unique talents and interests. By delegating tasks to people who are willing to help, you will be able to take some time to literally and figuratively smell the roses.

Now I’m done talking about Beyoncé for the rest of this year and the next :-).

See you next Thursday!

Until then, continue to dream big and stay inspired!


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