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6% of Women Want to Do This Before Getting Engaged. Do You? | Atlanta Wedding Planner


So glad you stopped by the blog today.

Let’s talk about diamonds shall we?! They are a girls best friend right??

I read an interesting 2010 article this week written by TACORI, the leading designer in platinum and diamond engagement rings and wedding rings, called “Should Engagement Rings be a Surprise?" They shared some facts and figures derived from their survey and, since I am very much a numbers girl, I found this article interesting and I wanted to share the article with you and get some of your thoughts on this topic.

According to TACORI’s 2010 survey, which gained “hundreds of respondents”, the following was discovered:

  • “Although many women love the romantic idea of a surprise, fewer than 25% of women want the proposal to be a complete surprise.”;

  • “Almost 70% of women agree that SHE should have some sort of input on the ring – but that the proposal itself should be a surprise.”; and

  • “A small percentage, 6%, want to jointly plan both the ring and the engagement with their partner.”

Wait what? I understand why millennial women want to have input on their engagement ring, that makes sense to me, but finding out that 6% of women (and potentially more since the survey was completed about 3 years ago) want to plan the ring AND the actual engagement? I found this info very intriguing.

Reading insight like this helps me in my business. It gives me a better idea of the role women play in the entire wedding planning process.

Now, I want to hear form you. What are your thoughts on this topic? Would/did you pick out your own engagement ring? And I am more interested in knowing if you would want to plan your how or when you get engagement.

Until next Thursday!

Dream BIG and stay inspired,


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