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2 Wedding Planning Tips Unveiled For Newly Engaged Couples | Atlanta Wedding Planner


It’s Thursday! Whoo! And it’s a busy Thursday for me filled with vendor visits, in person consultations and of course wedding planning!

It’s also wedding season and I’m sure you are reading all of the great wedding articles in the blogosphere. Today, I decided to provide you with two short planning tips that sometimes get forgotten but are still helpful.

1. Stay Organized With Email

In this day and age, we are constantly bombarded with a lot of emails. And now that you are planning your wedding, that will only increase. As your wedding day draws nearer, you will find yourself speaking with more vendors, subscribing to email newsletters, communicating with your bridal party and family, etc.

How can you solve this problem?

Well, first, for all of the email newsletters you have subscribed to, you can use unroll.me which allows you to see all of the emails lists you are currently on. You can either unsubscribe to them individually or “roll them all up” into one email a day vs. individual emails throughout the day!! This has been so helpful for me. I just get one email every morning from all of the many email subscriptions I have.

Now specifically for wedding planning, I always suggest registering for a new email address (e.g. BisolaAndEdwardsWedding@yahoo.com) so you can keep all correspondences between vendors, your bridal party, etc. organized and easily accessible.

A key way to guarantee the success of your wedding is to stay extremely organized. So if your current email inbox is disorganized, this will give you a fresh start.

2. Personalize Your Wedding Website URL

One of your questions while wedding planning may be “What is the best website to use to create your wedding website?” All of my full service clients receive a custom wedding website which is created with either wordpress or wix. There are numerous other platforms you can use to create your wedding website but often times they are very restrictive in terms of design and customization. Wordpress and wix provides you with more flexibility.

What I think is more important is what URL name you end up with. Choosing a site like the knot to create your wedding website will leave you with a generic URL (e.g. www.BisolaAndEdward.theknot.com.) I always suggest to all of my client to purchase their own personal URL e.g. www. BisolaAndEdwardsWedding.com. Major domain name providers like Go Daddy offer dot com’s for under $20/ year. You can just purchase your domain for a year or, depending on what name you select, you can use it later for other monumental events such as the birth of your first child, holidays, big announcements, etc.

I hope this was helpful. If it was can you tweet this out for me? I’m sure your Twitter peeps would like these tips.

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Until next Thursday, dream big and stay inspired!


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