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Life’s Too Short, Live it in Color: How to Select Your Wedding Color Palette | Atlanta Wedding Plan

Hello and Happy Thursday!

Welcome to the blog. I’m excited you’re here!

Today’s post we’ll be talking about color and the steps to take in order to select the perfect color palette for your wedding.

A weddings color palette is very important. It helps with the overall mood, experience and theme of the day and can vary drastically depending on the desired look and feel of the celebration. For example, a couple who wants a sexy and romantic mood will have a different color palette and design than a couple who wants a fun and laid back wedding.

Now, there are other elements of a wedding design that helps with the overall mood and experience of the day such as the venue, décor and attire but the color palette is one aspect that some people overlook.

Here are 4 tips that will help you select your color palette.

  1. Don’t Feel Pressured to Follow Trends

There are always authorities in the wedding industry who predict trends for the current or upcoming year. If those trends align with your taste then go for it! But if they don’t, just create your own trends!

For example, our May 2013 wedding had a bright and bold color palette of fuchsia, deep purple and the 2014 Pantone color of the year “radiant orchid”. The choice for that color palette was not based on whether we thought that color would be on trend in 2013 or 2014 but because we loved the color combinations and what it represented.

Oh by the way! Our wedding photos were featured via Bella Naija today on their Instagram page. They noticed we were ahead of the trend too! Thank you BN!

  1. Define Your Wedding in 3 Words or Less

Take some time to think through 3 clear words you would want your weddings to be defined as. Do you want it to be romantic, fun, bold, calm, glamorous, casual?

Choosing these words will help you narrow down the colors you can incorporate into your design.

  1. What’s Your Favorite Color?

Your color palette may be hidden in your favorite color. If so, download the ColorScheme app and play around with the different shades of your favorite color and what accent colors look great with it.

  1. Play Around With Vision Boards

Another tip is to begin creating a vision board where you use and interchange different colors to see how they look together.

You can do this simply by using apps light PicCollage or by using online resources like Pic monkey.

If all else fails just go with an all white wedding. You can create a clean, modern and glamorous look by playing with different textures of white and adding in acrylic and metal design elements. I’ve been waiting to do an all white wedding for a while!

Was this helpful to you? What color palette options are you thinking of? Let me know in the comments section below!

Also, maybe you can help other soon to be brides determine their color palette. If you’re in the mood to help others, can you please tweet this out for me:

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Until next week! Dream big and stay inspired!


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