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Being Snowed in Isn't a Bad Thing...| Atlanta Wedding Planner

So, if you're in the South, the North East or anywhere in between you have probably been experiencing this "snow storm" with me. Rigth now I literally have 2 sweaters on and a hoodie all while the heater is blasted on 80 degrees and I'm still a bit cold.

It looks like this weather may get better tomorrow but for the past couple of days, many people in Atlanta and surrounding area have been stuck at home and slowly getting cabin feaver.

This has been devastating for some people but it may be great for you if you're still planning your wedding! If you're fortunate to get off work or work from home, you now have more flexibility and time to devote to planning.

Here are 5 tasks you can focus on if you're stuck at home:

  1. Develop or refine your guest list;

  2. Create your wedding website;

  3. Complete your reception seating chart;

  4. Develop your music play list and do not play list; and

  5. Put together your ceremony wording or your personal vows

So today doesn't have to be unproductive! You can still get things done. Happy planning!

Dream Big and Stay Inspired,


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