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The #1 Thing You Should Do BEFORE You Start Planning Your Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Planner

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Happy Thursday folks!

I feel like a bazillion bucks today! Last week I was a little under the weather but it didn’t last too long. I got well just in the nick of time since I have a client event this Saturday! Whoo!

Anyway. Are you in the beginning stages of planning your wedding and you’re a little confused on where to start? Admittedly there are a lot of different components and elements to a wedding so it’s not uncommon that you may feel a little overwhelming at first and possibly throughout the planning process. One way to fight this feeling is to know exactly where to start planning, right? Well, that’s what I’m here for!

Many wedding industry “experts” will tell you that before you start planning your wedding, you should do one of the following:


  1. Begin compiling your guest list OR

  2. Determine your wedding budget

What if I told you there is one important task that needs to be done even before these two? Now, don’t get me wrong, developing a guest list and overall budget number is very important and must be finalized before any of the planning should begin but there is something more important than that and that is (drum roll por favor!) having a one-on-one conversation with your fiancé about how you two will handle the planning process together as a team especially interferences from family members and friends.

Everyone (whether we want to admit it or not) has that overbearing parent that has been dreaming of your wedding since before you were even conceived or that know-it-all aunt who gives her last two cents on every wedding decision you make. Who asked her anyway? But, how will you two handle those situations together as a couple because I can bet you anything that something like this will happen. As a Wedding Planner, I can almost guarantee it. Let's just say...I've seen a lot of things.

To be honest, planning a wedding is not always as beautiful and easy like the wedding industry portrays so I think it’s important to have this conversation so you are prepared.

I know what you're thinking. What exactly should we talk about? You know I wouldn’t leave you without giving you some questions to ask, right? Here are a couple:

  • How involved do each of you two want to be in the planning process?

  • How are we going to make decisions pertaining to the wedding? What if we disagree with each other on things?

  • What happens if one of our parents, family members or friends disagrees with one of our decisions and pushes thieir thoughts on us?

If you have began planning your wedding and haven’t had this conversation with your significant other, I would make time to have it today. Nothing too formal, just a conversation. Believe me, as a Wedding Planner, I wouldn’t steer you wrong. You’ll thank me (and yourself) later.

And that’s it. I hope this tip was beneficial to you! If you don’t want to miss another article from me, make sure you sign up to my VIP email list here and I’ll email you new articles every Thursday!

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Until next week, dream big and stay inspired.

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