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The Bridal Show Hangover: How to Recover From a Bridal Show | Atlanta Wedding Planner

Happy Thursday and happy New Year!

I know we are past the first of the year but, in my culture, we say “happy New Year” all year around; especially if you haven’t seen or talked to the individual since the New Year.

Anyway…today I wanted to speak briefly about bridal shows; more specifically what to do after attending one.

On Sunday, January 11th, I exhibited at my very first bridal show (Bridal Ball) whoooo! It was a lot of hard work putting my booth together. In fact, it felt like planning and designing a mini event. I was very happy with the outcome and got a lot of great feedback from brides, couples and industry friends. Here are a couple of pictures of my booth.

modern green gold and white wedding reception

Photo by Jonathan and Kaye Photography

Understandably, bridal shows can be a bit overwhelming for any bride, groom or couple. Being in a venue with hundreds of other engaged couples’ talking with complete strangers about your wedding day is not the most comfortable thing to do on a Sunday afternoon, right? So, after going through the experience of a bridal show, you may be wondering “what do I do now?”

Here are four tips on how to recover from a bridal show:

  • Write Down Some Notes on Each Wedding Professional You Met

You know all of those business cards, brochures and other marketing materials you picked up from the wedding professionals you met at the show? After a while, they all start to blend together, right?

So, before you forget all of the great conversations you had or the wedding professionals you were impressed by or interested in working with, sit down and make some notes. Who did you really like? Who did you schedule a consultation with and when? Who do you want to conduct some more research on? There is nothing worse than meeting someone you want to stay in contact with and you completely forget who they are.

  • Conduct Some Additional Research

Meeting a wedding professional at a bridal show is very similar to going out on a first date. Of course they (we) are going to put our best foot forward. I would recommend doing additional research on any wedding professional you are interested in working with.

Research to see if they have any reviews online, check out their website and see what kinds of weddings they have completed, etc.

  • Schedule Meetings With the Wedding Professionals You Are Interested in Working With

To be honest (and you know I’m always honest with you!) Wedding professionals meet a lot of couples while exhibiting at a bridal show and if you do the math there are only a certain amount of weekends in a year. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to work with a vendor because another couple who shares your wedding date beat you to the punch! There are many vendors who only take 1 wedding per weekend or professionals like myself who only take a certain amount of weddings in a year.

Schedule consultations with vendors who you are interested in working as soon as you can. This is especially key if you have a wedding date in the summer of in the month of October which are historically popular wedding months.

  • Book the Wedding Professional Before Someone Else Does!

Bridal Shows are typically held during engagement season and as you probably know, after you get engaged, you get so excited and immediately start looking at venues and other wedding vendors. So, if you really want to book a vendor, do it sooner rather than later.

And that’s my $0.02! I hope you found this article helpful to you! As you know, I like providing you with tactical articles that provide you with key wedding planning and design tips that help save you time and makes your journey to the aisle less stressful.

If you need even more helpful tips on how to save your valuable time while planning your wedding, make sure you download my new e-book “7 Strategic Wedding Planning Tips That Will Save You At Least 7 Hours a Month”. You can get instant access to it right over here.

Chat with you next week.

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