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Put Down Those DIY Items and Back Away Slowly | Atlanta Wedding Designer

Atlanta Wedding Designer

T-G-I-T Thank God It’s Thursday! I have another article for you today. Are you excited or what?!

Todays article is about handmade AKA DIY (do it yourself) wedding design and décor elements.

I sometimes get calls from brides and grooms who decided to DIY some or many aspects of their wedding design/décor but soon regret it and need my assistance. Many, if not all, made this decision because they assumed it would save them money but shortly realized they made a huge mistake. Hand making décor (i.e. centerpieces, stationary, etc.) is not only a big time commitment but it’s not as fun as it may look or sound. There’s also a strong possibility that you will end up spending more money in the long run.

Here are the facts about DIY and DIY weddings:

  • More money - In many instances, DIYing an item will cost MORE than buying or renting it from a vendor. Have you taken the time to actually add up all of those receipts from Michaels and Hobby Lobby? You may be spending more than the price you were quoted.

  • More time - Making something yourself requires a lot of your time. Time spent shopping for all of the materials, researching online how to make it, re-doing it because it didn’t turn out like you expected, etc.

  • More of a hassle - Many brides also think they can make something or buy it themselves and sell it later. I wouldn’t bank on that (did you get the joke there?) Anyway, moving on…

  • More obvious – Unless you are extremely crafty and have great attention to detail, your guests will know it was hand made.

Those bullets above may not bother you and that’s OK. But for me, my company is built on the belief that life is truly meant to be celebrated and wedding planning and design should not be a never-ending to-do list. So I make sure that my couples are not bothered with the task of making anything for their wedding, instead they sit back, relax and allow me and my awesome vendor team create their vision for them.

With that said, whether we want to believe it or not, everyone on this planet has a budget so you probably can’t have every single thing on your long wedding list. More importantly, everyone has a different perspective on how much they would pay for something based on how they personally value it. For example, I’ve had brides who do not value flowers. They cannot wrap their mind around paying thousands for floral centerpieces that will die within the week. However, I’ve also had brides who absolutely love flowers and are willing to pay what it will take to help execute their vision.

Before you go, here are some questions to ask yourself before you make that Michaels run:

  1. absolutely need/want this design element or décor item in my wedding?

  2. Can the design/décor item be modified by the wedding vendor to fit more within my budget?

  3. Do I have the time, skill and attention to detail to make sure it turns out just like I want it to?

  4. How much is my time worth to me?

I hope this article was helpful to you!

If you’re working hard on planning and/or designing your wedding and you’re wondering “hmmmm how can I get more of my time back?” go ahead and download my free e-book “7 Strategic Wedding Planning Tips to Save You At Least 7 Hours of Planning a Month!” You an download it here.

I’ll speak with you next week! Remember to dream big and stay inspired.

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