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One Wedding Cost I Know You're Forgetting | Atlanta Wedding Planner

Atlanta Wedding Planner

Photo by Nicoletta Daskalakis

Well, hello there!

Today, I have a quick wedding planning tip for you. It's about your wedding budget and one cost I'm pretty sure you dont have included in your budget.

Whether you're having a buffet or a plated dinner, I'm sure you're accounting for your wedding guests and yourself but are you accounting for your vendor meals? You may be thinking "I have to feed my vendors?!?" Well, yes and those meals can easily add up. Especially if you're having a plated meal which can run anywhere from $40 - $50 per person for a great caterer (not including a 20% - 23% service charge and additional taxes).

Actually, in many cases, vendors who will be staying for your entire wedding day (photographer, videographer, wedding planner and his/her team, etc.) usually require you to provide a meal for them during the reception. Make sure you double check your vendor contracts in case that detail is already included. You can also just ask to confirm.

For plated dinners, many caterers provide a "vendor meal" which is a meal that is different than what your guests are eating and are usually considerably cheaper. You can consider this option to reduce your costs if needed. Just also consider that your vendors work extremely hard for you on the wedding day (sometimes 8+ hours) and need dinner to recharge for the latter part of your wedding.

I hope this article was helpful for you. If so, I'm sure you'll also love my free e-guide: "7 Strategic Wedding Planning Tips that Will Save you At least 7 Hours of Planning a Month". You can download it HERE.

Until next Thursday! Dream Big and Stay Inspired.

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