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Why I No Longer Offer Month of/ Day of Coordination Services | Atlanta Wedding Planner

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Photo by Nicoletta Daskalakis

It is officially the end of wedding season for me. It’s such a bittersweet feeling but, nevertheless, it’s that time of year again to sit back and reflect on my year and also prepare for engagement season.

As I look back on my 2015 wedding season, I realize that this year has been great for me. I’ve had some really amazing clients and I’ve created some of my best design work to date. Along with successful weddings and happy clients, I’ve also gained a lot more clarity in my business and I’ve noticed that having more of a laser focus as a business owner allows me to provide a better experience for my clients.

This year, I decided to begin narrowing my focus a lot more and to focus on things that (1) I’m great at (2) bring me joy and (3) allows me to provide the best experience to my clients.

So, what have I cut out of my business? As of July 2015, I made the decision to no longer offer Month of Coordination. This service is also known as day of coordination, wedding day management, final prep, among other names. The objective of the service is to provide final logistics, vendor coordination and wedding day management for couples who have planned their entire wedding themselves. Planners typically come on board about 6 – 8 weeks before the wedding to develop all of the final logistics in order to execute the wedding on the wedding day.

So, why have I eliminated Month of Coordination from my business? Here are a few reasons:

  1. I’ve Always Received a Small Number of Inquiries For my Month of Coordination Service

When I look back on the last 1 – 2 years, I’ve noticed that I have received a small percentage of clients who inquire and booked me for Month of Coordination. In reality, about 90% of my clients want me to work with me from the moment they get engaged or shortly after they begin planning. They want the entire wedding planning and design experience.

  1. I Love Developing a Relationship With My Clients

There is nothing better than getting to know my clients above and beyond what they want on their wedding day. I have had so many laughs, fun moments and memorable times with current and past clients and, honestly, that’s what makes my job worth is. All of the hard work and long nights can be draining but knowing that after all of the cake is gone and the music stops, that I have genuine relations makes it all worth it. There are so many past clients that I still speak to today and I really cherish that.

Since Month of Coordination starts as early as 8 weeks before the wedding, I never really have a lot of time to get to know my couples. I was more of an order taker rather than a friend helping them on their journey to the aisle. It honestly felt a little weird on the wedding day because typically I can make decisions on behalf of my clients because I have been working with them for 6+ months and I know their personality, style and wishes so well. This wasn’t the case with my Month of Coordination clients.

  1. My Passion Really is in Helping Couples Create Their Wedding Day From Beginning to End

If you’ve spent any time on my website, blog or portfolio page, you’ll notice that I love design. I have a true passion for taking a small idea, concept or wish from my clients and incorporating that into their wedding design.

With Month of Coordination clients, I inherited a client’s design. Where’s the fun in that??

  1. Mistakes, Plain and Simple

It never failed, after walking through all of the questions I needed to ask in order to do my job on the wedding day, I would uncover so many mistakes and problems that I had to fix in order to give the client their ideal wedding day experience. Understandably, the couples were not wedding professionals or Wedding Planners but, nevertheless, I would have to do a lot of rework to make sure their wedding day went off well.

I hope this article was helpful for you. If so, I'm sure you'll also love my free e-guide: "7 Strategic Wedding Planning Tips that Will Save you At least 7 Hours of Planning a Month". You can download it HERE.

Until next Thursday! Dream Big and Stay Inspired.

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