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One Thing to Consider Before You Book Your Outdoor Wedding Venue(s)

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Finding the perfect wedding venue that matches your overall vision, and also accommodates your anticipated guest count, is a key task in the beginning of your planning process. In your search for venues, you may also be considering having your ceremony or both your ceremony and reception outdoors. Outdoor weddings are gorgeous and I’ve been fortunate to plan and design some beautiful outdoor weddings but there is always one variable no one can ever be too sure off, especially at the onset of planning; the weather. Given this, I always advise my clients that they must love or at least like the rain plan option at the venue they are considering before they secure the location with a signed contract and retainer.

You may be wondering, “what exactly is a rain plan, Bisola?” A rain plan is an alternative plan and venue space used in the event there is inclement whether on your wedding day. A limited amount of venues provide tents to shield guests from the rain but most venues provide an alternate space within the venue to host your wedding. Sometimes these alternative spaces are beautiful and sometimes they are horrible.

So what happens if you select a venue solely because you fell in love with the outdoor venue and the forecast indicates bad weather for your wedding day? You may have to use the rain plan option and if it’s something you didn’t even think about before your wedding day (because you just knew it would not rain), you may be in for a bit of a roller coaster ride.

If any of my clients select an outdoor ceremony and reception, I automatically create a rain plan alternative for their design and overall wedding logistics and communicate those details to the venue and all vendors about 2 weeks before the wedding. It doesn’t matter if the wedding is in the winter, spring, summer or fall because you just never know. On the wedding day, I make the call on whether to stick with the original plan or to switch to the rain plan.

So, when you’re visiting venues always ask to see the rain plan option for all of the venues you are considering. It may just change your mind on which venue you end up selecting.

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