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The First Thing You Should Do When Planning Your Wedding

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After the initial high wears off from getting engaged, I’m sure it’s replaced with the daunting task of planning. In fact, many newly engaged couples contact me and ask me the very common question, “where do I even start with planning my wedding day?”

A wedding, whether big and elaborate or small and minimal, is undoubtedly one of the most important celebrations you will ever plan. With that, comes a lot of decisions to make and tasks to complete. But where should you even begin? You may think that the logical first step in planning your wedding is setting a realistic budget, right? Well, I strongly believe that there is a step before that and it’s not developing your guest list, selecting a date or finding a venue. All of those tasks should be completed early on but it’s not the first order of business.

The first thing you should do before you begin planning your wedding is have an open and candid discussion with your fiancé about how decisions will be made and how inevitable conflicts will be handled with family and wedding party members during the planning process.

As a Wedding Planner who has planned and executed numerous weddings and events, I can tell you that emotions run very high for weddings in particular. Family members and friends also seem to always want to butt into the planning process. So, when aunt Joy wants to invite her entire church to the wedding when you’re already over capacity or your fiancé’s mom wants you to change the ceremony program you’ve worked on for weeks because that’s how she did it at her wedding, how are you and your fiancé going to handle that together as a couple? How involved do each of you want to be in the process? How will you two go about making the countless decisions? How will your current work schedule affect the planning process? What do you expect from each other?

I’ve noticed that there is a big difference in the planning process of clients who do not have this conversation versus clients who do. Having all of these questions answered makes planning so much easier. Believe me.

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Until next week. Take care!

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