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The Perfect Christmas List For The Bride-to-Be

Since engagement season is officially underway, I’m sure your social media timelines are being bombarded with newly engaged friends and family. And if you haven’t seen it yet, trust me; just give it a few more weeks. The months between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day are historically the most popular months for couples to get engaged.

So if you have been wracking your brain trying to figure out what to get one of your close friends or a family member who just happens to be engaged (or maybe you're shopping for your fiancé) this is the perfect article for you.

Today, I’ll share with you 3 of the best Christmas items you can get for your engaged friend or family member no matter how close or far away they are to their wedding day.

1. The Mrs. Box - $75.00

The Mrs. Box is a modern and vibrant take on the engagement ring box. I’m sure you can agree that most engagement rings are enclosed in plain uninspired boxes but the Mrs. Box is the exact opposite!

the Mrs. box

The Mrs. box can be customized in an array of lush velvet fabrics and even monogrammed to include your friend’s first initial or the initial of her new last name.

the mrs box color options

Why This is a Great Gift: Most newly engaged brides are so careful with their engagement ring. They want somewhere safe and pretty to place their ring when they wash their hands, take a shower and go to sleep. The Mrs. Box serves as the perfect solution for that.

2. A Miss to Mrs. Name Change Solution - $29.95

Miss Now Mrs. is a simple online solution to legally change your last name after your wedding day. The site has helped over 300,000 woman save countless hours changing their last names.

Why This is a Great Gift: After a bride gets married, its always super confusing and time consuming trying to figure out how to change their last name and all of their legal documents (license, passport, etc.). Miss Now Mrs. will save so much time.

3. Kate Spade Mrs. Necklace - $78.00

Is the bride-to-be a jewelry or accessory lover? This might be the perfect gift for her. Kate Spade has an elegant cursive Mrs. necklace in either silver or gold that would get any engaged lady excited.

Gold Kate spade mrs necklace

Kate Spade also has a Mrs. bracelet that is just as fabulous!

Gold Kate spade mrs bracelet

Why This is a Great Gift: The necklace and bracelet are simple enough to be worn dressed up or down and, let’s be honest, everyone loves boasting that they are a “Mrs.” or soon to be!

I hope this list was very helpful to you. Next week, I’ll share the Christmas list for the newly engaged Groom-to-be! Make sure you are signed up for my VIP text list so you can get the Grooms Christmas list sent directly to your cell phone. Text “engaged” to 31996.

Until next Thursday! Dream big and stay inspired.

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