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Juliana and Steven’s Buford Community Center Wedding | Nigerian Wedding Planner


Welcome back for day two of Juliana and Steven’s wedding celebration. To read and see images of day one, visit my previous post.

If you’re scratching your head wondering why a couple would have a two-day wedding then you must be new here. I’m Bisola and I specialize in planning and designing Nigerian weddings. Nigerians typically have two-day wedding celebrations. The first day is the traditional Nigerian wedding filled with customs and traditions that the couple completes in order to be culturally married. Some couples choose to have the traditional wedding take place where they currently live or in Nigeria. The second day is the westernized (church, cocktail hour and reception) wedding. It’s not mandatory to do both and some choose just to have an American wedding.

Now that we got that out of the way, day two of Juliana and Steven’s wedding (their American wedding) had traditional American elements with an infusion of Nigerian culture.

Overall, the couple wanted an elegant wedding that paid tribute to Juliana’s Nigerian culture but didn’t alienate Steven’s American culture. The general concept for the wedding weekend was “the best of both worlds” and my team and I made sure that this was top of mind while planning and designing their big day.


The American wedding took place at Buford Community Center, which is a beautiful venue that has marble floors on the entry level and beautiful chandeliers in the ballroom. We continued the color palette of royal blue, gold and cream that the couple selected. Since Juliana and Steven chose to have the same color palette for both wedding days, I suggested we do an inverse for each day. More cream and white with an accent of royal blue and gold for day one and more royal blue and gold with an accent of cream and white for day two.

My favorite design elements were their ceremony backdrop and their sweetheart table. Both were romantic, opulent and lush with a hint of drama.

All of my clients receive detailed sketches of different aspects of their wedding design before the wedding so they can see the design concepts I am proposing for them. Above is the sketch I presented to Juliana and Steven of their ceremony during their design presentation. As you can see, we made some changes at the meeting and my team and I also made some tweaks on the wedding day.

The couple shared with me that the groom recited a sweet short quote while he proposed and I knew I wanted to use it somewhere in the design. I thought the ceremony/sweetheart table backdrop would be the perfect spot so it could be displayed all night. Isn’t the quote the sweetest thing ever!?

Also, for the ceremony, we used the custom crest from their invitation suite and worked with a creative partner to hand paint it in royal blue and gold on a custom aisle runner.

I also loved the layout of the room for the reception. It gave the room a grand feel.

Enjoy more images of the day below.

For more wedding inspiration, follow me on Instagram here. All images by Fotos by Fola.

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