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Keri and Qiana’s Peachtree Club Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Planner

Today I’m sharing a look inside Keri and Qiana’s chic wedding at the Peachtree Club in downtown Atlanta, GA.

Keri, Qiana and I initially met via video. Why? Because they both work outside of the country and were not scheduled to come back to Atlanta until one week before their wedding day. During our video call, Keri described her vision for the wedding taking place at the Peachtree Club. I got so excited to hear that she was going to wear a custom black lace gown (yes!) and wanted to incorporate black accents into the wedding. Black is a color I think is so underused in wedding design. It really makes things look very chic if done the right way.


Keri and Qiana had an intimate wedding with about 65 guests. Although it was a smaller group, the couple spared no expense on the design of their wedding and the experience for their guests.

There wedding was at The Peachtree Club. The venue has a stunning terrace that overlooks the city. Once I saw the venue in person, I knew I was going to propose that both the ceremony and reception were outside although many people choose to have the reception inside the ballroom instead of flipping the space. I’m so glad they chose to trust me with utilizing the outdoor area for the majority of the day.


Designing the couples wedding ceremony was easy given the gorgeous city backdrop and the blank canvas of the terrace at the Peachtree Club.

After getting to know the couple, I created a clean, modern and moody lounge vibe for their wedding day which included a hookah area, lounge furniture and a live performer.

Keri also loves flowers and wanted to have accents of black in the design so I suggested adding draping to the terrace with a layer of black fabric towards the center of the stage as well as custom pillars on top of the stage and stage facades with black accents.

The stage design also had a six-foot wide floral "halo" that hovered above the couple as they exchanged their vows at sunset.

Since we chose to take advantage of the rooftop views and have their reception on the terrace as well, when the guests were enjoying cocktail hour in another room, the vendor team had 45 minutes to flip the ceremony space.

For the couples sweetheart table design, I presented a clean and modern concept. Their seats were two white throne chairs with black accents and we placed one pillow in each chair that matched the guest table linen. The table was an acrylic table which we chose to place flower petals inside the top and on the base of the legs.

Enjoy more images of the day below.

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All images by DIN Photography.

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