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Juliana and Steven’s Traditional Igbo Wedding | Nigerian Wedding Planner

Juliana and Steven had a beautiful and culturally rich two-day wedding celebration in Atlanta, GA. Today is a look at day one of their spring wedding; the traditional Igbo wedding.

Overall, the couple wanted an elegant wedding that paid tribute to Juliana’s Nigerian culture but didn’t alienate Steven’s American culture. The general concept for the wedding weekend was “the best of both worlds” and my team and I made sure that this was top of mind while planning and designing their big day.


The traditional Igbo wedding took place at Opal Event Hall, which has lovely natural light and modern elements. It was a great blank canvas for the color palette of royal blue, gold and cream that the couple selected. Since Juliana and Steven chose to have the same color palette for both wedding days, I suggested we do an inverse for each day. More cream and white with an accent of royal blue and gold for day one and more royal blue and gold with an accent of cream and white for day two.

The stage design for any Nigerian wedding is very important so for Juliana and Steven, I developed an elegant design with contrasting sheer draping, ornate chairs and an understated glass and gold coffee table. We also chose to have the cake on the stage since that is a focal point for the night as well.

All of my clients receive detailed sketches of different aspects of their wedding design before the wedding so they can see the design concepts I am proposing for them. Below is the sketch I presented to Juliana and Steven during their design presentation

For the guest table centerpieces, I chose to incorporate Nigerian elements in a more modern way. One concept that I really enjoyed seeing come to life was the floral talking drums. We took traditional Nigerian talking drums and place flowers on top of them and in a spiral pattern. The spiral pattern was my favorite!

Enjoy images of the rest of the day and stay tuned for their American wedding.

All photos by Fotos by Fola

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