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Event Recap: 2018 Munaluchi Bride Cleveland Serenade | Cleveland Wedding Planner

Have you ever offered to do something and had no idea how you would get it done? And then you knock it out of the park? I’ll admit, I tend to do that a lot and found myself in this situation early this year when I volunteered to plan and design the Munaluchi Bride Serenade event in Cleveland, OH. Having recently moved to Cleveland and literally knowing no one in the event industry, this was a big risk for me which ended up working out really well. Figuring things out is just part of my job description as an Event Planner. I actually enjoy the process.

Munaluchi Bride Cleveland Ohio Serenade

Me volunteering to plan and design the serenade event in the private Facebook group for Coterie members

Let’s rewind a little for a tiny bit more context. After Thanksgiving last year, I decided to join Munaluchi Bride’s Coterie. Munaluchi is an international online and print publication that caters to the multicultural wedding and event industry. The Coterie is a group of their hand selected wedding professionals from all over the world. The serenade is an international annual event for engaged couples put together by Coterie members and other wedding professionals.

Munaluchi Bride Spring 2018 magazine issue

Munaluchi's Spring 2018 print magazine

The Objective

For the serenade event in Cleveland, my goals were to:

  1. Create an incredible curated date night for the couples selected;

  2. Push myself creatively regarding the design elements of the day; and

  3. Begin building relationships with local and Coterie industry professionals since I just recently relocated to Ohio.

The Day Unfolding

We hosted 3 engaged couples for a curated date night at Metropolitan at the 9 in downtown Cleveland and if you’ve ever been to this hotel, you know how gorgeous it is. Seriously.

We started off the day with a tour of the hotel by Sierra, the hotel Events Manager. Afterwards, the ladies indulged in hair and makeup tailored to their personalities, while the gentlemen relaxed in the barber chair with our traveling barber who provided male grooming. After the couples were all dolled up, they changed into their hand-selected outfits by our wardrobe stylist who worked with each couple to pull 2 distinct looks for the day; one outfit for their engagement session and one for dinner.

Beauty Full You and DollfaceDredie provided hair and makeup while Deuce's Barbershop provided hair cuts and male grooming for the guys

After changing into their attire for the first half of the day, each duo were striking their best poses at their mini photo and video engagement sessions in different areas of the hotel.

The results of the engagement photo shoots by Jazzymae Photography

The Dinner Design

Throughout the day, during hair, makeup and the engagement sessions, the design set-up for the dinner presentation was underway. It took the florist and I about 5 hours to transform the Naples room, a private dining space on the second floor. Can you imagine that? FIVE hours for a seated six-person dinner design. My goodness.

For the design palette, I chose a bold color story of pink, orange, yellow and red. White textiles, along with gold and mirrored elements, complimented the design. Since the colors of the flowers were so bold, I chose to have a stark white glitzy linen from Nuage Designs enhance the rectangle kings table. We decorated the chameleon chairs with white chair sleeves and hot pink pillows. To top it off, I draped the entire room from floor to ceiling in sheer white draping.

Images by Jazzymae photography

For dinner, Metropolitan at the 9 provided a four-course meal (YUM!) for our couples. During the dinner, the couples got to know more about each other and take in all of the beauty of the design. Once dinner concluded, each couple got to experience one night’s stay in The 9’s hotel suites complimentary. What a treat!

Watch the video recap of the day below by Studio Hayes

I could not have pulled off all of this without the amazingly talented and professional team of these creative partners:

Metropolitan at The 9 || Jazzymae Photography || Studio Hayes || Mide Events || Isabella Invitations || Beauty Full You || DollfaceDredie || Deuce's Barbershop || FreelyC

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