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Overwhelmed with your Nigerian guest list? This 8 minute video will eliminate this frustrating topic for you.

Managing the guest list is so frustrating. It continues to grow because parents and family members are constantly adding more and more people to the list. Do you even know these extra people? How can you possible maintain your wedding budget when the guest count keeps increasing? Not only that, but you're also nervous about the inevitable arrival of late and uninvited guests on the wedding day. 

I understand what you're going through. I'm Nigerian myself and I work with a lot of Nigerian couples throughout the year plan and design their wedding. This is a common headache they have before working with me and we're able to eliminate it right away.

If this is you, then this 8 minute video will guide you in:

  • Determining your wedding budget that matches your guest count before you begin the planning process;

  • Setting expectations with your parents and family members in the beginning;

  • Easy to implement boundaries for parents so your guest count doesn't increase;

  • Ensuring the most accurate guest count at least 2 weeks before the wedding day;

  • Decreasing the likelihood of guests inviting more people to your wedding; and 

  • Ways to handle uninvited guests on the wedding day.

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