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Imagine that this is your wedding day…

You wake up after getting a restful night sleep knowing that everything for your big day has been completed and planned to perfection.


As you reflect on your journey to the aisle, from engagement to today, you were fortunate to have an enjoyable, stress-free and fun-filled time planning your wedding.  Not only was your vision and your ideas heard and incorporated, but your planner also took your ideas to the next level. You were kept up-to-date with consistent communication and all of your questions and concerns were addressed promptly.


While getting ready, you are surrounded by your close friends and family who are also enjoying this special moment with you, as opposed to running around attempting to tie up loose ends moments before you walk down the aisle.


You have a great professional team behind you whose ultimate goals are to fulfill your wishes and ensure your wedding day is everything you have imagined.


Throughout the day, you receive many sincere compliments from your guests about how beautiful and unique your wedding is and how all of the personal details of your ceremony and reception really reflect you and your fiancé’s personalities and love for one another.


Today is your day, one of the most important days of your life, and one that you and your fiancé deserve to enjoy without any problems. You are absolutely stunning today and your only focus is enjoying the love you and your fiancé have for one another and the new journey you are starting together.


You have just read what a dream wedding can be and because you're reading this now, I already know this is something you want for yourself. So what now?


With our Wedding Planning and Design service the Event Design by BE team will literally do everything in order to make your wedding the dream day you’ve always wanted.

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