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Please take a moment to read through this page before hiring Bisola Esiemokhai and her planning team.

A Bride Interview With Bisola Esiemokhai of Event Design by BE

1. We have read about you and we are excited about your services and portfolio! Everything sounds fantastic. Can you tell us what sets you apart from other Wedding Planners/Designers? 


This is a great question. Event Design by BE focuses on four key areas that allows us to distinguish ourselves from other local planners/designers: (A) A luxurious and customized wedding planning experience, (B) Design innovation, (C) Time saving systems and client tools and (D) Outstanding planning and execution.


A. Your wedding day should unquestionably be an amazing day, but I believe that your journey to that day should be just as fun and memorable. I work hard to customize my clients wedding planning process with different experiences that will allow them to enjoy every step.

B. Just like your love story, my design solutions are unique and custom-created for every client. Because of the inspiration I acquire from fashion, interior design, and art, I have an inventive artistic approach throughout my design process where I consider multiple variables that will add to the overall experience of a wedding such as attire, decor, color composition, and texture. I pride myself in thinking of innovative design elements and details that fit your personality. Although I keep up with current trends, I try to find a good balance between popular elements that you might find in mainstream magazines and cutting-edge details that you and your guests have not experienced before.

C. A lot of my clientele work in demanding and intense industries/careers in corporate America that require weekly travel and/or long hours. I know first hand how hard and time consuming it can be to plan a wedding while juggling a career. Because of this, my team and I work hard to create systems and tools for our clients that help them save time (over 70 hours) and reduce stress while planning.

D. My background in finance and corporate strategy consulting provides me with market-proven strategies in budgeting, project management and execution that directly translates into the resources I draw from when planning weddings for my clients. Budgeting, planning, and execution are three key elements of any successful event. I have the real-world skills that will ensure that an event will be completed in an efficient and exquisite manner. 


2. This all sounds so wonderful but it also seems expensive, are we going to be able to afford your services? 


Research shows that nearly one-third of couples without a Wedding Planner exceed their original budget. Finances are also one of the top three concerns of a newly married couple.  So, in additional to a beautiful wedding, maintaining your budget should be a top priority. I can help you do that while also saving you time and energy.

Couples also share that they spend between 350 and 400 hours planning their weddings themselves. Doing everything yourself will take away time that you could spend with friends and family, cause distractions during work, and more importantly not allow you to fully enjoy your engagement.


There is no doubt that a Wedding Planner/Designer is an investment to ensure the success and uniqueness of your wedding day. What I advise is to really think about what your dream wedding looks like, what that day honestly means to you, and if the investment in an experienced Wedding Planner/designer who will help you make that dream happen is important to you.  


I have two services. Starting price depends on a few factors, including the complexity of your wedding. All starting prices are indicated for each service. 


Give me a call at (678) 667-1010 so I can set up your complementary “get acquainted” consultation during which we will discuss your wedding vision and the best options for you. 


3. Who do you work better with?


You will benefit most from working with me if you have an idea of what you want your dream wedding to look like, but you either do not have the time, the resources, the creativity, or the know-how to make it all happen.


I also enjoy working with couples who have a love for details and artistic design elements and who desire an original wedding experience for themselves and their guests.


Since I come from a corporate background, I can identify with career women who have limited time to devote to planning and appreciate a structured and organized approach to planning.


4. Who do you NOT work the best with?


The relationship between a couple and their Wedding Planner is an important one which requires working closely together (for several months) in order to achieve the wedding you want and deserve. Given this, I think it is extremely important to make sure we are both a great fit for one another. 


So, if your #1 goal (above almost everything else) is to ask vendors for large discounts or cut corners or DIY most things in your wedding in order to save money then we won't be the right fit for one another. Also, if it's really hard for you to make a decision (even after you are given all of the facts) and/or it's really hard for you to stay on task and to complete things by a given deadline, then again, we probably will not be the best match for each other.   


5. Will I lose control of my wedding if I hire you as my wedding designer?


No, of course not! I will never take control away from my clients. Your wedding day is just that, your day. It’s my job, and absolute pleasure, to make sure that day is filled with the most amazing moments possible.


I actually like to look at our relationship as a partnership and eventually a mutual friendship. My role as your Wedding Planner is to work with you to create a celebration that reflects you, your fiancé, and your unique love story. To do this, we have in-depth conversations about your wants and desires where I offer my industry expertise and creative ideas to help you dream bigger. From there, we work together to create a memorable experience for you and your guests.


6. Do you plan weddings in other states/countries?

Yes! I'm considered a destination Wedding Planner/Designer, meaning I have a lot of experience planning, designing and executing weddings all over the world. Although I currently live in Ohio, I have executed weddings in California, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia and Texas. Planning an event in another part of the world is not as hard as you may think, especially since I have built connections with wedding professionals all over the world.. I always say, "give me a laptop, WiFi and a phone and I can plan an event anywhere."

7. Will you work with vendors I have already found or people I really want to work with?

Absolutely. I can work with any vendor you have already hired or would like to hire. My only requirement is that they are licensed, insured and professional.

I also have a list of preferred vendors that I love to rely on for my client's weddings and can provide you with vendor recommendations based on your wedding needs. You are not required to use my vendors, but I like to provide you with my trusted recommendations.

Either way, my goal is to create a solid team of reliable vendors that will help pull off your wedding day without a hitch.

8. Do you take credit cards and do you have a payment plan?

Yes, I do. I like to have this option available for my clients. I happily accept all major credit cards and can provide customized payment plan options as well. 

9. Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, I do. I have liability insurance that gives me greater confidence in my work and ensures you can have a worry-free event. I have never needed it, but I am protected in order to give you peace of mind knowing that we’re fully covered.

10. Do you take more than one wedding per day?

No, I do not. Your day is very important to me and I never want to feel rushed or distracted on one of the most important days of your life. For this reason, I only select 12 couples to work with each year, so your wedding will be my priority. This ensures you will get prompt responses from me and don’t have to compete with other couples for my attention.

11. This sounds like everything I’ve been looking for. What happens next to get started?

Awesome, so glad to hear that! The next step is for you to give me a call at (678) 667-1010 or email me at info@eventdesignbybe.com so I can set up your complementary “get acquainted” consultation.

I’ll be happy to go through my services with you in detail and see which one best fits your needs.

12. Okay, I’m ready. But, I do have a couple more questions before getting started. Can I contact you to discuss further?

Absolutely, I want to hear from you. In fact, I highly encourage you to schedule a complimentary “get acquainted” consultation so we can discuss all of your questions.

I can’t wait to chat with you!

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