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Nigerian Wedding Planner Bisola Esiemokhai


Well, hello there!

I'm Bisola Esiemokhai but, you can call me "BE" 

I work with busy couples, just like you, take the stress out of planning and designing their wedding day by using systems and resources that I’ve created to fit the lifestyles of my clients.


I believe that every couple deserves a fun and memorable wedding planning process and, in order to enjoy planning your wedding, you need a structured step-by-step process and the right resources customized specifically for you.


That’s where I come in. (cue the superhero music!)


I’m an expert at strategic planning as well as a lover of everything design and I combine these two talents into the most chic package possible. I work specifically with busy + stylish couples who want a fun, sophisticated, meaningful and beautiful wedding day with a key focus on the experience of their guests.











So what do I do, exactly?


In other words…I plan and design your wedding day.


I get so excited and inspired taking details from our conversations together and piecing together your wedding day. Our conversations morph into detailed design sketches + linen swatches + custom built elements + strategic planning and so much more resulting in a gorgeous wedding day that is unquestionably a reflection of you two as a couple.


Now, when it comes to your wedding, I know what matters the most to you.

  • You want to get your time back and take the stress out of planning your wedding;

  • You want to creatively infuse your personal style and culture into your wedding day; and

  • You want your guests to have FUN, to be mesmerized by the well thought out details of your wedding and to indulge in a once in a lifetime experience. With my help, your guests will be talking about your wedding well after the wedding day; 

  • You want to be stress free on your wedding day and not have to worry about a thing.










And you may be thinking why exactly do I do this for a living?

I’ve got a few reasons, but mostly I do this because I strongly believe that:


  • Life and love are truly meant to be celebrated beautifully. Sometimes we get so busy with life and feel we have to do everything ourselves and we really don’t take the time to enjoy the precious moments in life that only come around once.

  • Life is more than a never ending to-do list. Why spend all of your free time planning your wedding when you can spend it catching up with friends and family or just enjoying life?

  • Your wedding should be a 100% reflection of you not of pictures you pulled from Pinterest or a remix of your friends wedding. I’m very passionate about getting to know my clients very well so we can work on infusing more of you into your wedding day.

Oh! And do you want to see my wedding day? Planned and designed by me, of course! Then go here.

So, tell me, are you ready to start planning?

Purple 200 Peachtree wedding reception cake display clear acrylic chuppah at 200 Peachtree Southern exchange
All white same sex rooftop wedding in Atlanta, GA Ventanas
cathedral veil in savannah, ga wedding jepson center for the arts
Nigerian Wedding Planner
Malibu, CA wedding
Purple, fuschia and plum bridal bouquet gold chair decal on white louis pop chair
Malibu, CA wedding with petals down aisle and ceremony draping
White and silver bling wedding cakt in Atlanta, GA at Ventanas

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