The Venue at Friendship Springs Wedding for Shauna and Victor

In the heart of Atlanta, GA, Shauna Brown and Victor Deniran celebrated their love in a vibrant, culturally rich wedding that beautifully merged their Jamaican and Nigerian heritages. This blog post dives into the memorable details of their special day at The Venue at Friendship Springs.

How They Met
Shauna and Victor’s paths crossed in a story as unique as their backgrounds. Shauna, of Jamaican descent, and Victor, a proud Nigerian, embarked on their journey of love and commitment. A glimpse of their Love Story below:

“On a cool Friday night in December 2016, Shauna and Victor unknowingly ended up at the same lounge in Atlanta. Shauna was out with a good friend, while Victor was solo for the night. Captivated by Shauna’s dancing, Victor approached her and offered to buy her a drink. This sweet gesture sparked a connection that made them inseparable from that night on. They even went to church together for their first activity, setting a strong foundation for their relationship. By the end of 2017, they had welcomed a beautiful baby girl and moved in together. In April 2022, Victor surprised Shauna with a heartfelt proposal on the beach in Aruba, and she joyfully said yes!”

Venue Choice
The couple selected The Venue at Friendship Springs for its standalone nature, which allowed them to host both their ceremony and reception in separate but connected spaces. They were drawn to the venue’s tall ceilings and the flexibility to bring in their own caterer, enabling them to highlight their diverse cultures through food. The Venue at Friendship Springs wedding provided the perfect setting for their special day, combining elegance with practicality.

The Wedding Day Atmosphere
Shauna and Victor’s wedding day was nothing short of energetic, romantic, and fun. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement and joy as guests gathered to celebrate their union. The vibrant energy of the day reflected the couple’s personalities and the deep love they share.

Attire and Significance
The wedding attire was a striking blend of traditional and contemporary fashion. The bridesmaids looked stunning in red custom gowns made in Nigeria, while the groomsmen wore sharp black custom tuxedos. Victor himself started the day in a custom tuxedo, later changing into a regal gold agbada outfit for the reception.

Shauna’s attire was equally impressive, starting with a gorgeous wedding gown and transitioning into two additional outfits: a glittery evening dress and a gold Nigerian ensemble complete with a gele headpiece. These outfits not only showcased their cultural pride but also added a dazzling touch to the celebration.

Color Palette
The chosen color palette of neutral tones—tans, creams, and gold—provided an elegant and timeless backdrop for the day’s festivities. This palette complemented the couple’s sophisticated taste and the overall aesthetic of The Venue at Friendship Springs.

Special Family Moments
A heartfelt moment during the ceremony was when their daughter walked down the aisle as the flower girl, adding a personal and touching element to the event. Additionally, since Victor’s mother and other close friends in Nigeria couldn’t attend, they sent a heartfelt video message that was played during the reception, bringing tears of joy and bridging the distance with love. Among the many memorable moments, the video message from Victor’s family in Nigeria was particularly touching. Seeing his loved ones’ messages brought an emotional and heartfelt element to the reception, creating a lasting memory for the couple and their guests.

Unique Touches and Decor
One standout feature was the custom logo designed for Shauna and Victor, prominently displayed on the ceremony stage and dance floor wrap. Custom wooden centerpieces for the VIP tables added a personal and unique touch, making their design even more distinctive. Additionally, a talented violinist played music from both the couple’s cultures as well as R&B and hip hop songs. His engaging performance during dinner was a highlight for both the ceremony and reception, captivating the crowd and adding a lively and memorable element to the celebration.

Vendor Collaboration
Shauna and Victor were referred to us by a fellow wedding planner/designer. After a phone consultation with Shauna, it was clear that we were a perfect fit. As their wedding planner, we provided full-service planning and design, ensuring every detail was meticulously handled. Our unique contributions included a custom logo and a virtual wedding program, enhancing the personalized feel of their special day.


Key Vendors

  • Wedding Planning and Design: @eventdesignbybe
  • Florals and Rentals: @Mideevents
  • Violinist: @Demolaviolinist
  • Cake: @Juliemillercakedesign
  • Brides and Bridesmaids MUA and Gele: @Maryshinepro
  • Bride and Bridesmaids Traditional Dresses: @Sisilara_stitches
  • Photography and Cinematography: @Aloveexperience
  • Venue: @Thevenueatfriendship
  • Catering: @Kayscuisines
  • DJ: @Officialdjnani
  • MC: @Elenu1

Shauna and Victor’s wedding at The Venue at Friendship Springs was a beautiful celebration of love, culture, and family. Their energetic, romantic, and fun-filled day left a lasting impression on everyone who attended. We hope their story inspires you to create your own unforgettable day at The Venue at Friendship Springs.

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